How to make your Galapagos trip a memorable one?
Galapagos Trip

Situated about 620 miles from the west coastline of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are well known for their beauty and enormous presence of nature. This group of islands has a lot to show. Right from lush green highlands, gushing waterfalls, crystal water beaches, turquoise bays and more, the Galapagos Islands will introduce every part of nature that you would cherish. The most attractive part of these islands is the wildlife that is found here. The amount of wildlife and the number of species of both plants and animals that are found in this region are found nowhere else in the world. A well arranged Galapagos Island Vacation Package would take you across all the regions where you would find such unique beings.

There is not a minute or even a second when you walk that you would not come across a unique rare looking figure. These wild animals move around freely while you are given an opportunity to enter their habitat and take a closer look into their lives. The variety of plants and animals and the unmatched beauty of each of them inspired Charles Darwin to develop his Theory of Evolution. This group of islands actually contains 13 proper volcanic islands, 6 smaller islands and 100s of smaller isles. Each of these pieces of land possesses different atmospheres, landscapes and the wildlife living there.
You could spend your Galapagos trip, watching blue-footed boobies, sun bathing on black lava rocks with the marine iguanas, snorkeling in crystal blue waters with playful sea lions and watch huge giant tortoises. With loads of fun and adventure in one place, more and more tourists are interested in paying a single visit to this cluster of beautifully gifted islands. With an increase in number of tourists, the authorities have made it a point to allow only those who are accompanied along with a licensed naturalist guide who would take you around. One cannot simply book a Galapagos Island Holiday and enter the islands by himself. The guide will help you take more safety steps that would help keep you and the natural habitat on the island safe. Have you ever wondered about the best time to visit the islands? Or have you thought about the animal that you would love to see the most? Let us see these and many more tips that would help you enjoy your Galapagos Trip.

The Best Time to visit Galapagos Islands

There is actually no best time that needs to be mentioned. It all depends on one’s personal choice. There are different parts of the year when you might get to see some animals while the other times they may not be seen so often. Thus, you need to consider the climatic conditions as well as the time of the year that best suits you. The climate in this region is hot and humid with a little of rain during the months from December to May. March and April are the hottest months when there is maximum rainfall too. The cooler times arrive in between June to November. At these times, the sea temperature is dropped down to almost 19C.
If we consider the breeding and the seasons when certain animals can be seen, we should know that every month holds something good that you would enjoy seeing. A few of the examples are: In January, the green turtles are said to begin their egg-laying; Penguins are found around tourist swimmers at Bartolome during the months from May to September; the hump whales are frequently found in June; The sea birds are active during the months of July until the end of September; The pupping season for sea lions is in August, while these pups are seen playing around in the month of November; December is the time when the eggs of the giant tortoises hatch to give birth to new ones.

What to see where?

Many tourists book a Galapagos Island Holiday Package while they don’t even know what kind of a package will best suit them. Many a times they would love to take a look at a certain species or a form of land that is found in a place that is not even included within the package. Thus, you need to know the ten most popular things that a tourist may include in his wish list while he moves out for a Galapagos Island Tour. It is also important to know the best places where one would experience them as well.

Galapagos Penguin: Penguins are usually found in places where the water temperature is low due to the cool currents. They are found in different places such as Pinnacle Rock and Bartolome but breed only in Isabela and Fernandina.

Magnificent frigate bird: This is a bird that is a common sight right from the day of arrival. It can e found anywhere.

Land Iguana: The land iguanas are found on the central and the western islands. However, the endemic land iguanas are found only in Santa Fe.
Flightless Cormorant: These beings breed only in Fernandina and Isabela. They are not found anywhere else.

Galapagos Giant Tortoise: The best places where you would find these giant tortoises are Santa Cruz and Alcedo Volcano.

Marine Iguana: There is nowhere else in the world where you would find these marine iguanas. It is a common sight to see these iguanas out in the sun between dives. They do this to keep their body temperatures under control.

Waved Albatross: This species is only found here. Specifically in Española and a few pairs could be found on Isla de la Plata.

Galapagos Sea Lion: These are also a common sight throughout the islands. The best place to snorkel with these beings is Santa Fe.

Darwin’s Finches: This is the most famous bird that is found on the islands. It is said that the 13 currently found species of this bird has been evolved from just one among them.

Galapagos Fur Seal: There are quite a few places where you can view them. You can take a closer look at them at the seal grotto in Santiago.

There are many more things that the Galapagos Islands have in store. The snorkeling activity can give you a memorable experience so will the visits to the Charles Darwin Research Station. It is here where you will get introduced to the islands ancient history and also the various conservation plans carried out by the Charles Darwin Foundation. If you are on a look out for the most adventurous tours that would take you deep into nature, book your Galapagos Island Tours Now!


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