What to visit on Isabela Island when on a Trip to Galapagos Islands?
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Isabela Island  – Galapagos Islands

Isabela Island is the largest island of the Galapagos Archipelago. The measure extension is 4640 km2. A small village located in this island is located Puerto Villamil, with a population of 2200, they traditionally earned a living through fishing. The streets keep the sand of the beach because of the location  in front of the sea.

Puerto Villamil has a wonderful beach on white sand, with an extension of 2 km, this special characteristic let Puerto Villamil be the unique place of Galapagos Islands that have a big beach to enjoy stunning sunsets.

La Laguna Hotel is located next to the Flamingo Lagoon and just 2 blocks away from the beach.

In Isabela Island you can find 5 of the biggest volcanoes, including the Wolf Volcan, it’s the higger 1646 msnm approximately.

In addition, this island of natural beauty and landscape has many sites authorized by the Galapagos National Park. There we can do activities in Galapagos Cruises and Galapagos Land Tours, below you’ll find a list of the sites you can visit and the type of the trip.

Authorized Sites
  • Bahía Urbina (Cruise)
  • Calera (Land)
  • Caleta Tagus  (Cruise)
  • C. Crianza Arnaldo Tupiza (Land and Cruise)
  • Complejo de Humedales   (Land and Cruise)
  • Concha de Perla (Land)
  • Cueva de Sucre (Land)
  • Las Tintoreras   (Land and Cruise)
  • Minas de Azufre  (Land)
  • Mirador del Mango (Land)
  • Punta Albemarle (Cruise)
  • Punta Moreno   (Cruise)
  • V. Sierra Negra/V.Chico (Land and Cruise)
Restricted Sites
  • Playa Tortuga Negra
  • Volcán Alcedo
  • Túneles (Cabo Rosa)

This small list will help you to decide the type of tour or package we’ll have to take in relation of the sites we’ll like to visit, it’s important they are authorized.

We’ll write more information about all the sites you’ll be likely to go, we’ll keep you posted.

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