Galapagos Petrels Conservation and Protection
Galapagos Petrels

Galapagos Petrels Conservation and Protection

The Galapagos Islands are without a doubt one of the most famous tourist destinations. Hundreds of thousands of people every single year visit these beautiful islands in order to observe the nature and enjoy their vacations at an exotic locale.

However, the truth is that this is also causing a potential threat to the environment. Some species as the Galapagos Petrels, for instance, are already in need of protection and conservation.

The truth is that even when you are wondering how to choose a tour to the Galapagos Islands, you would also have to consider how to properly preserve the environment while you are there.

The majority of the tourists wouldn’t really are about what they leave behind which leads species such as the petrels in an endangered states.

This is why both the government and the tourists have to undertake action towards more sustainable forms of tourism in order to present perfect sightseeing opportunities as well as to preserve the natural habitat.

This has a variety of benefits in different aspects as it’s also going to allow your kids and grand kids to visit the same locales and have the pleasure of seeing the same animals.

The Galapagos Petrel

The Galapagos petrel is one amongst the six endemic marine birds that are found in the Islands of Galapagos. It is usually going to nest in significantly high as well as humid areas of the islands such as Santa Cruz, Isabela, San Cristobal and Floreana. However, the petrel is threatened by a few species of introduced animals.

Not a long time ago, the biggest collapse of the Galapagos Petrel population had taken place. Tragically, the population of these marine birds dropped from about 12 000 couples to only about 500 in just about two or three decades. This took place on the island of Santiago, but the same has been observed across other different Islands of Galapagos.

Threat by Introduced Species

The truth is that there is not only a lack of protection for these particular birds, but there is also an introduction of other ones which are getting overpopulated.

This leaves to a decrease in the diversity and a struggle for the Galapagos Petrel to carry on in his natural habitat.

The lack of strategies is also a contributing factor as the biologist struggle to find relevant information and research on how these particular species nest.

The specifications around this might turn out to be the key to preserving the Galapagos petrel. However, it is also important for the tourists to assist the endeavors to the fullest.

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