Galapagos cruise or island hopping land tour? Perhaps one of the most asked questions by travelers visiting Galapagos. After all, there are 21 islands in the Galapagos chain. The islands sit on the Nazca Plate and it’s considered one of the most biodiverse sites in the planet. It’s certainly a

An Albino Darwin’s Finch was seen in Galapagos Islands on the border of the Sierra Negra Volcano on Isabela Island. The excursionists were very excited about this sighting that happened while doing the excurcion the volcano Sierra Negra in Isabela Island, organized by Nature Galapagos & Ecuador. After the tour the guide informed

Galapagos Petrels Conservation and Protection The Galapagos Islands are without a doubt one of the most famous tourist destinations. Hundreds of thousands of people every single year visit these beautiful islands in order to observe the nature and enjoy their vacations at an exotic locale. However, the truth is that