The name Ecuador comes from the French word or Équateur, meaning “The middle of the world”, since the country straddles in the southern and northern hemispheres. It is exactly for this reason that Ecuador is such a biodiverse and strikingly beautiful location. Due to its location and the geography, the

Tungurahua Volcano, The Day The Earth Moved   The Latin American country of Ecuador is home to some of South America’s most famous and active volcanoes. Almost daily, in some part of this beautiful country, one or another of its active volcanoes spews smoke and ash out into the atmosphere

Ecuador Snorkeling Sites – Why you cannot miss exploring Ecuador marine life Snorkeling is one of the most accessible water sports when traveling anywhere in the world. The equipment is cheap, certainly cheaper that diving, and anybody with decent swimming skills can do it.  Any snorkeling aficionado can tell you

Ecuador train crucero Train Ecuador crossing Chimborazo Ecuador Train Crucero won the Wider World Project or better tourism product outside Europe, this award was given by the British Guild of Travel Writers. The Ecuador train was started by president Gabriel Garcia Moreno in 1873 and was restored by president Rafael