A biking advetnure across the Andean Paramo in Antisana Geological Reserve Our adventure Antisana bike tour towards Antisana Ecological Reserve began early on a Sunday morning. My travel companion is Carlos a fellow travel agent, neither of us has a specialized knowledge in biking other that urban biking. The meeting point

A train ride to remember across the most stunning landscapes of the Ecuadorian Sierra. My ride aboard Tren Ecuador through the Tren de los Volcanes (Train of the Volcanoes) railways begins one chilly and rainy morning at Chimbacalle Station in the southern part of Quito city. It actually started before embarking

Here’s a short list of places and things to do in Imbabura Ecuador, one of the most delightful provinces in Northern region Anyone who has visited Ecuador lately will probably talk to you about the ever colorful and culture-filled Otavalo Market in Imbabura. Though certainly amusing, Imbabura Province has much

Otavalo Market: The Place For Your Best Market Experience When You’re In Ecuador. Otavalo market is a market located in Ecuador. Ecuador is a South American country located in the northeastern part. Otavalo market is located in an area that is made up of a farming community. The town has