Why is Ecuador Train is so Special? Crossing Ecuador using the railway is the perfect way to experience a state of euphoria in traveling. You will have the chance to receive pampering on the A class ride while passing the stunning landscape, amazing scenery and having a distinct stopover on

Ecuador Tayos Cave – Cueva de los Tayos The origin of this name is for the birds that live inside, they are called Tayos. Tayos Cave (the Río Coangos is nearby), are located in the Morona Santiago province of Ecuador characterized by dense Amazon rainforest and the shuar culture. UNESCO

Do you love water sports? If yes, you must visit Baños, Ecuador. It has been an exciting Andean City from a long time. It is situated at an elevation of 1,800 meters on the borders of Tungurahua Volcano. Even though the volcano is active, the activities experienced by tourists are

Is Cuenca One Of The New Wonders? Cuenca is a beautiful city in Ecuador, but is it a wonder of the world? It’s got structures that are older than the country itself, and more beautiful than cities in Rome. Recently, it was nominated to become one of the new wonders