Train rides across Ecuador

Train rides across Ecuador

Have you ever thought about leaving planes and buses behind to get to know Ecuador’s wonders? Train will make your trip a little bit vintage but with all the comforts from this century. This way of traveling will make you feel right into the heart of the Andes, where no road would have been possible. Train rides across Ecuador

Although train rail system is not available for traveling, the routes are used for day trips for tourist purposes only. Take the chance to travel through these roads and make your journey as exciting as the destinations.

Which tour will you choose to start from? Difficult decision, huh!



Devil’s Nose

The train received its name from a famous wall of rock with 45-degree decline, called the Devil’s Nose, which is part of the train excursion. No doubt it’s one of the most unique rail roads in the world.

This trip will carry you through the cool air of the cloud forests all the way to the coastal jungles of Ecuador.


train rides across Ecuador

Keep in mind to wear layers of clothing to accommodate these extreme weather changes. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings from inside the Nariz del Diablo or, if you are a little more adventurous, you can climb onto the top of the train and enjoy the ride from the roof. Many tourists take the second option and bring a blanket or a pillow to sit on and make the trip more comfortable.

The Devil’s Nose tour departs everyday of the week, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy this spectacular train ride. 


Volcanoes Train

In this captivating journey, the train takes you across the Andes from the beautiful city of Quito, to the foothills of one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Cotopaxi, placed in El Boliche town, was shaped by cataclysms that gave birth to giant mountains and volcanoes. Nevertheless, you’ll be delighted by the Quito-Boliche multi-colored route.


Ecuador Train

As the journey advances, you will see the color variations in the landscapes, ranging from vivid green to dormant brown patches of fields on the hillsides and mountain slopes, many of which are regularly used for farming. 



Train of Liberty

This journey gets its name from Ecuador’s struggle for liberty and independence from Spain two hundred years ago.

The modern route runs thirty kilometers from the city of Ibarra to the town of Salinas and back. As the train passes out of Ibarra, it makes its way through a beautiful scenic countryside, passing over rivers and through the majestic Andean midlands.


Liberty Train Ecuador

This route is particularly famous for passing through several tunnels. Workmen carved out of the rocks over a hundred years ago, using little more than picks and shovels.

The train’s destination, Salinas, is a very special place. The Afro-Ecuadorians that live there welcome all tourists with traditional dancing. Finally, before returning to Ibarra, don’t forget to visit the salt museum, it’s incredible. 



Tren de la Dulzura

This definitely is a great adventure to get on. Along this road, you’ll witness how the coastal plain meets the Andean Highlands. Visitors can admire a varied agricultural landscape as rice paddies merge into sugar-cane plantations and then turn into cocoa plantations.


Tren de La Dulzura

After a ten hours journey, the train arrives to Bucay, where you’ll be welcome by a locals at the station. You’ll feel delighted by the folklorical presentation performed for you. Then, you’ll have almost two hours, enough to buy some souvenirs and have lunch.

This trip will get you to the most amazing landscapes, and will get you near the history of the city and its population traditions.


A not so usual way of transportation will make your trip different from any other and very special, for sure. 



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