Enjoy the adventure of Galapagos panga ride and Galapagos Kayaking
Galapagos Panga Ride

The mysterious Galapagos Islands that are a home to the rarest species of plants and animals is a place that has been included in the list of top ecotourism sites found across the world. The islands deserve to be known as a home to the most natural habitat that is not found anywhere else in the world. The presence of ancient plants and animals and the discovery of all new species have made this place the only one on earth where nature is present in abundance. This is something that brings in people to spend a special Galapagos Island Vacation amidst nature.
The fact that these islands were the main source of inspiration for the great scientist, Charles Darwin to put across his theory of Evolution can itself speak about the impact these islands have had on people who visited here. The presence of the Charles Darwin Foundation, named after the great scientist is something that makes the islands an important place to visit.

Along with the natural and scenic beauty of the islands, they are also famous for the various educational facts that they reveal and also the fun filled adventurous activities that are organized here. Although the islands are known to possess the largest volcanoes and have also faced serious disasters like the spilling of oil into the waters, the wildlife here has fought its way out to continue living here. The beauty and the natural treasure that can be seen here is incomparable.

The jungle tours and the swaying through crystal blue waters are the two main methods to take a look at the scenic beauty and the life that is present there. The Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos national Park make sure that each visitor is introduced to the mysterious history of the islands and the in depth knowledge about the every living thing that is found here. This adds to the educational outlook of the islands. Moreover, for those who would love to go out on a more adventurous tour, the activities that are usually included in the Galapagos Island Tour package are among the most exciting ones that can be performed in a place like this.
There are a number of activities like hiking, snorkeling, Galapagos panga ride, biking, kayaking and more that the island offers. Each of these has its own specialty that makes the trip even more exciting. Let us take a look at two such activities that are most commonly available here.

Dinghy Rides:

The Dinghy Rides are also known as the “Pangas”. This is a common activity that one can experience as it is the only way by which one can move on from a Galapagos yacht to the exact visitor site. These are rides on an inflated zodiac that take you through the waters while you take a closer look at the marine life around the islands. If you are on a week-long Galapagos Island tour, this is something that you will be going out for more than once. These rides take you through mangrove estuaries, shores, caves and coves. It is the best time to capture the wildlife present on the shores and the mangrove estuaries of the islands.
Enjoy the adventure of Galapagos panga ride and Galapagos Kayaking
If you want to get the most of it, go for dinghy riding from the Fernandina Island up to the Bolivar Channel. You will come across a number of whales such as the orcas and the humpback whales along with dolphins, sun fish and many other larger fish. There are also places where the engine is put off and you are taken close to see green sea turtles and sleeping reef sharks.


This is an activity that you can move out by yourself without any prior experience needed. You will be given a “sit on top” kayak that you will have to take across the waters to enjoy the beauty open sky up above and the deep blue waters below you. You will simply need a 5 minute instructions talk given by the guide after which you are free to explore the shores and coves of the islands. Since the sea here is not rough enough, people of all ages can take up this activity and enjoy it to the fullest.
Enjoy the adventure of Galapagos panga ride and Galapagos Kayaking
Kayaking through the shores will help you take a look at the blue footed and the nazca boobies, Galapagos penguins, marine iguanas, sea lions and many more. Apart from the beautiful scenery and the closed look at wildlife, kayaking will also help you exercise a little.
The above mentioned activities can be best performed during the warmer days as the waters are warm and there is a lot to see around the shores. The period between July to the end of November is said to be the best to perform such activities. What are you waiting for? Book a Galapagos Island Tour now and explore the life that lives on land as well as in the waters. Nature Galapagos and Ecuador makes sure that every tourist visiting the island is given a large number of options that he can select from. It is thus, your own thought and choice and thought that you will have to put in while selecting the most suitable package that matches your interest as well as your budget.

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