Tren Ecuador

Tren Ecuador takes travelers on a full-day train tour in any of the series of short railway routes between various remodeled train stations across Ecuador. Tren Ecuador Train Tours are the perfect blend between Andean and Coastal landscapes, the snowcapped volcanoes, and the rich cultures that flourished within these regions. Travelers may choose your route and combine with a tailor-made tour in Ecuador or just pick a rout and make it a full day.

Train Travel Ecuador 2
Departs on Saturday, returns on Sunday (every 15 days)
2 days
Tren de la Libertad
Train – Bus
Friday to Sundays and Holidays
8 – 9 Hours
Tren de los Volcanes
Friday to Sunday and Holidays
8 – 9 Hours
Tren del Hielo I
Saturday and Sundays
6:30 hours
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